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The Kentucky Derby
'Run for the Roses'
Wow.........that was a great race. The 135th Kentucky Derby was won by 'Mine That Bird'. 50-1 odds of winning. The shocking upset took place on a very sloppy track at Churchill Downs. 'Mine That Bird' cost only $9,500 winning over other horses that cost millions. He won by a staggering 7 lengths. A 3 year old gelding that is owned by Double Eagle Ranch and Bueno Suerte Equine. It was amazing to watch the rerun of 'Mine That Bird' win the race. He was at the back of the group of horses, and worked his way up the inside of the rail. One little detour around another horse and (no pun intended) he was off to the races. A stunning end to the race. He ran like all the other horses were almost standing still. I enjoyed watching the race with Mom and Dad. Mother likes to pick the horse she thinks will win by the way they enter onto the race track. Her choice didn't win this year. The jockey (Calvin Borel) could not stop celebrating. His excitement was contagious. We sat and enjoyed the event as much after the race as we did watching the race itself.
Thankfully there were no injuries this year. When Barbaro went down, it was so sad. I had high hopes Barbaro would recover, but that didn't happen. Horses are beautiful creatures.

'Mine That Bird' with jockey Calvin Borel

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Sassy Granny ... said...

We caught the tail end (pun?) of the race while we were out to dinner. I couldn't help but wonder if the rainy conditions didn't factor into the win. Some horses simply don't perform well under those circumstances.

I love a good race!