International Firefighters Day

I know. . . . I am a little late. International Firefighters Day was May 4th of this month. I was busy with the prom dress. Sewing on those 10,000 sequins. Ok, I may have exaggerated the number of sequins, but I was busy. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Luke our youngest grandson had a field trip the week of May 4th. He, along with the rest of the preschool class, went to the North fire station on their trip. The fireman put on his firefighting uniform (I guess that is what you would call it!) so the children could see what he looks like fighting a fire, and so that when they might see them (hopefully not!) they wont be fearful. Luke had a very good time. The children were given coloring books, and tatoos among other treats. Each of the kids were able to give the fireman a high 5. It is so important to have the children interact with the people we have in our communities that can be helpful to them. ie: policemen, ambulance personnel, firefighters etc. We must strive to protect these precious little ones and give them all the tools to be able to become productive citizens of this great nation.

Luke is the 6th from the right
luke fire

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