Miss Robin

For some unknown reason, Miss Robin decided to build her nest in the corner of our garage window. I guess it is a better choice than on top of the electric meter where she has attempted in years past. Her only problem with the choice she made this year is that it is a busy place to have her nest. The garage door goes up and down, there is the mowing of the yard, people going to the front door, and she flies away every time a vehicle turns into our driveway. Miss Robin is a busy Mother Bird tending to her 4 beautiful blue eggs. In my effort to get the photos of her and the eggs, each time I opened our back door, she was instantly aware of my being close by. I was amazed at how perceptive she was to me. I am anxiously waiting to see the baby Robins when they hatch. What a marvelous event I get to observe this Spring.

I found this poem by George Cooper. It relates so well to the building of Miss Robin's nest.

What Robin Told Me

How do robins build their nests?
Robin Redbreast told me
First a wisp of yellow hay
In a pretty round they lay;
Then some shreds of downy floss,
Feather, too, and bits of moss,
Woven with a sweet, sweet song,
This way, that way, and across;
That's what Robin told me.

Where do robins hide their nests?
Robin Redbreast told me
Up among the leaves so deep,
Where the sunbeams rarely creep,
Long before the winds are cold,
Long before the leaves are gold,
Bright-eyed stars will peep and see
Baby robins--one, two, three;
That's what Robin told me.


Bee said...

Is that not a gorgeous color?! I think I want to paint something!

Carol said...

Hi Cindy!
Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit & leaving a comment! I look to reading your blog & getting to know you & your family.

Love the picture of the robin eggs!


Carol said...

Edit to my comment. . . "I look forward to reading your blog & getting to know you & your family."



Victoria said...

My desk is that same color (it's my favorite)! I have a newfound appreciation of birds myself; they are so unique and beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I assume you are a friend of Joy's? I think I've heard your names before. Have a great day!