Memorial Day~ It is crowded in here!

Memorial Day
Many cities and towns still have parades and celebrations in memory of the Veterans of our Wars on Memorial Day (Decoration Day). I appreciate the sacrifice that so many young men and women have given in the name of Freedom and the security of our country.Dad was in World War II.
There are people who look forward to Memorial Day Weekend as the beginning of summer vacations. They enjoy camping, boating, fishing, golfing, etc. Others are eager for the Indianapolis 500 Race.

We like to get together as a family and enjoy our time together. Everyone gets to bring their "speciality dish" and the host provides the rest. If I continue on the path that I am on, I wont have to bring a thing. Jane never likes my food... hahahaha....
Jane had an excellent get together yesterday. We had lots of good food, fun for the kids, lots of laughs for the adults (along with some teasing) and a good weather day.

Matthew was so cute. Matthew has Osteogenisis Imperfecta (sometimes known as Brittle Bone Disease-he will have some dwarfism). He will be very short when he matures. He is definitely going to be left handed. He would throw the ball and laugh. It is amazing how curly his hair is getting. Matthew is 1 and wears 3-6 months clothes. We all just love him so much. Click Here to watch Matthew throwing the ball to Auntie Cindy.

Matthew / Grandpa Wagoner in background
Kids playing outside
Malia investigating the flamingo
The Griller and the Ole Griller!

It is crowded in here!

Now... this morning I was checking in on the wee ones. Jeeezzz.....those birdies are really growing. Now they can watch me as I watch them. It is a bit crowded in the nest though. In just a few days they have gotten so big. Of course Miss Robin is not at the nest as much now.


Anonymous said...

The video was cute. Looks and sounds like you had a great day.


armouris said...

info on brittle bone disease here - Brittle Bone Disease

Jennifer said...

What a fun time indeed!