Alex's Prom Dress

This is the second year I have made Alex's prom dress. Last year she challenged me to make one that looked like the one Kate Hudson wore in the movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days". I think it was pretty close to the one Kate Hudson wore. This year she called me and had me check out a dress on the Internet. When I saw it, I was fearing the worst. Yep... she wanted me to make that one!

The dress has tulle on every inch of it, and 1200 sequins (each one sewn on individually). There was only a couple of adjustments that needed to be made. And one addition that took me most of the evening to complete. The sequins were the real hold up. I dreaded sewing them on, but it was just like most everything else we dread doing. Just take it one at a time, and before you know it, it is done. Tom did help me one day. I had purchased sequins that were of several different colors. He had the fun job of separating the silver ones out for me to use. I am glad this dress is done. There are sparkles everywhere in the house from the tulle. The skirt and bodice have double layers of tulle. Black under pink. The bust and straps have only black. Alex is very happy with the dress. The prom is this Saturday. They have a limo arranged to drive them around. I hope the kids have a safe and fun experience at their party.


Anonymous said...

My, oh, my...what a lucky girl Alex is to have a grandma who loves her enough to sew on 1200 sequins! You do lovely work and are so very talented. GREAT JOB!
Love & hugs,

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I can't believe you made this dress. I saw the prom pictures in the later post before I saw this one. You did a fantastic job, Cindy. What a lucky girl Alex is to have such a talented grandma.