Does One plus One equal Two?

What happened to the educational system in our schools? Is it to difficult for our children to know the math facts? Is it to hard to learn were Montana is located? Do they know our Presidents and their terms?
When I was in sixth grade I failed a spelling test. Ugh........... My Mother being the mean spiteful ungrateful dangerous irritating person she is,(I say this in jest) went to school and told my teacher to do what ever was necessary to make sure I didn't fail another spelling test. What? She didn't defend me? Nope ! My Mother knew I was so much better than I had attempted on that test. I knew I was much better. I had failed to put forth the effort to study and get a good grade. Let me clue you in on a secret. (I never failed another spelling test, and am an excellent speller to this day). I also had to stand in front of my Dad to recite the multiplication tables. Thank you Mother and Dad for taking the time to make sure I got the best education that was offered to me.
As I was reading the blogs I check daily, I read on this blog (A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words) a post regarding how Math has changed over the years.
With the world in the shape it is, we must be sure our children are as prepared as possible to face the challenges they have coming their way. Thank you Diane for your post. I certainly did enjoy it.

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