2010 Olympics


We have really enjoyed watching the Vancouver Winter Olympics this year.
There have been some remarkable athletes participating. I can not imagine going down a hill at the speeds some of the skiers go. I for one have never been one to watch hockey. Gosh, I have been hooked on watching the US hockey team play...who would have known. Much to our amazement, we have been addicted to watching the Curling competition. I didn't know how to play before we started watching it on Television. It has become a favorite of most of our family.
Womens Olympic Curling Team
Mens Olympic Curling Team
Best of luck to our Olympic teams. You are all winners in our eyes.


God's Artwork

It is breathtaking to wake to the handiwork of God. Refreshing our spirits to remember He is the ultimate Artist.
The beauty and design cry out the handiwork of God.

Now. . . I know people love to fish, but in the cold ? ? ?
This was taken at a nearby reservoir