Little Missy

Malia is such a joy to watch. Recently we were persuaded to baby sit for her.
Golly Gee...if we have to !
Just as they were getting ready to leave, she decided she had to put on her own shoes. I am supposing Duct Tape is also required to make sure your shoes do not fall off?
Jennifer called to see which one of 4 photos I liked the best.
This was my choice. Isn't she just the cutest little child.
We are so glad she is our little granddaughter.

Oliver Twist

This year the Visual and Performing Arts Summer Theater presented "Oliver" on June 25 & 26,2010.  The were many young people from 7th grade on up complementing the cast this season. It is astonishing how they learn their lines, actions,songs and placements in just 3 short weeks. This year they were limited by being able to practice on their stage until the last week. Props were completed in just 2 short days by a talented group of adults that are so supportive of the young peoples desire to participate in this play. Efforts by all the adults and youth are so greatly appreciated by the parents, family members and the community. Our very talented grandson had the part of Mr. Bumble. A very different role for him to act from what he is used to. He had to be mean! The make up person made Spencer age for his role. Wow...Spencer, is this what we have to look forward to?
The proud Mom and Dad and of course young sister with Mr. Bumble (Spencer)!


Metal Man

Who is faster than a speeding bullet?
Who has a body like Iron?

Who goes very fast from here to there?
No it isn't Superman, and it is not Iron Man, and it is not Spiderman.
It is Luke. . . Metal man.
Luke played T-ball this spring on the Braves team. This was his first attempt at playing an organized sport. Of course Kyle (Dad) helped with the coaching, while Mom and the rest of us, occupied the stands cheering him on. He was very excited to be playing a big boy game such as baseball. His sisters are 15 and 14, so he is constantly wanting to be just a tad bigger.
Mom and Dad thinks he has natural ability to be a great sports contender. So does Grandpa, Grandma, Alex, Cassidy, Lauren, Uncle Rick, Aunt Jennifer, Spencer, Malia and Great Grandma Wagoner. Guess that means the little guy really does? ? ? 
Watching our grandkids participate in a variety of challenges is always entertaining as well as gratifying. We love watching them grow. 
Luke took his turn as 'catcher' when the time presented itself. I think he is one handsome catcher!
And now. . .  Metal Man! (with his mom)

Luke as a little little boy loved watching House Hunters on HGTV hosted by Suzanne Whang. We weren't sure why he liked her so much, all we did know was he would stop everything he was doing to watch her speak. When we found out Rick and Jen were adopting from China, we hoped Luke and Malia would have a great relationship. Our wishes came true. They love each other and have such fun. Here they are holding hands and walking together as we were leaving Luke's ballgame.


Watching Peter Grow

We have a young rabbit living in our back yard. He (I have named him Peter) has been visiting several times a day to eat the "bird" food that has fallen on the ground. At first he was very small, hardly noticeable with all the birds and squirrels around him. I was quite intrigued with the small little tuft of tail he had. It actually looked like a cotton ball attached ! As the days have passed by, Peter is beginning to grow. Much to our disappointment. We like watching the little bunny, and often times the chipmunk that shares the goodies with Peter. There are timew when Mama and Peter enjoy a run in the yard, going at top speed. Tom and I have delighted in watching Peter as he hops and eats around our feeders. Soon Peter will be off to start his own family, if Mr. McGregor (our neighbors) doesn't catch him and transport him to a different area of our county.

Peter - growing up


Will mow for gas

Tom and I went to Hobby Lobby today to pick up some pictures we had matted and framed. On our way to get them we checked the price at the gas stations along the way. Our return trip home we had determined we would stop at a gas station that had the lowest price. I couldn't believe what was parked at the gas pump. Ummm...I don't ever remember seeing a lawn mower parked for a fill up. I had to jump out and grab this shot. I am sure he was a local fellow. My question is - - did he need a license for his mower?



200th post

Wow.......I have just completed my 200th post. It has been exciting and enjoyable to belong to the blogosphere world. A huge Thank You to my wonderful daughter-in-law (Jennifer) for creating my interest in this adventure. I surely did not know what I would have to say, but as it turned out, I have plenty and then some to say. I relish the challenge it affords me. My first post was painstaking slow to achieve, but I finally figured out something to say on it. Thanks to all who take the time to read and share in my little corner of the world.


Here Comes Peter Cottontail

"Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hoppin' down the bunny trail"

Well, it wasn't exactly Peter Cottontail, but it was a baby Wabbit. I know my neighbors are not going to be happy. The rabbits, just like Peter in the story, love to eat their fresh garden greens. They capture and relocate the rabbits in our neighborhood. But Mother Nature has her own ideas about how things are going to go. The other day I captured a rabbit eating corn from a 'bouncy thingy' (how do you like that for terminology?). I guess it may have been Mrs. Wabbit instead of Mr. Wabbit. Mama must have shown the kits where the corn and bird seed is located. This is the one of few little rabbits we have seen in the 39 years we have lived here. He/She was enjoying the food.
Looks like 'Peter' got what he came after

Good bye little 'Peter' Wabbit, until we meet again - - or the neighbors take you for a ride.


Fun with Animals

I love to feed the birds, well sorta.
I got my love of nature from my Mom and Dad. Mother taught me about the trees in our area. It was the dreaded 'leaf book' for my kids for science class at school that started my learning experience. Mother is a wealth of knowledge. I am afraid if I don't pick her brain enough, I will miss something. We searched the Wabash area for as many different trees as we could find. What amazed me was how many mom knew just by looking at their leaves. She is so knowledgeable on plants, both the edible and those you better not eat. She passed her expertise down from the lessons she learned as a young girl from her grandmother.
My Dad hated to be confined. He was not a factory worker, someone to stay inside for any length of time, or a person to just sit all the time. He was a busy busy man. He loved to be outdoors. He should have been a farmer. He loved the work involved in farming. One of his favorite things to do was to go to Shipshewana so he could see the Amish hard at work. Dad loved to sit out on their patio and rock in one of the many rocking chairs he made. He liked to feed and watch the birds in his backyard.
How does this all fit into the title of my post? Mom and Dad instilled in their daughters the love of all things living. Mom and Dad have enjoyed the animals in their backyard. Birds, raccoons, deer, rabbits and hoot owls. I claim to feed the birds in our backyard, but in all actuality I am feeding the squirrels and anything else that may approach the area. (Raccoons are welcome as long as they don't destroy anything) In the last week, I have been able to capture photos of strange happenings. I have nicknamed squirrels at our feeders -Wilbur.
Wilbur is enjoying a slice of bread.
Wilbur is on the watch to be sure no other squirrel is going to get a piece of his bread
One morning Mr Wabbit tried his hand at corn on the cob
Charlie the Chipmunk decided he was not going to be left out of the treats
Now who could ask for anything more than the entertainment provided to us by these beautiful animals?

Grannie's Garden

Once upon a time . . .

If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future. Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us dragons exist, they tell us dragons can be conquered ! 
So it is with mastering nature. We have been patiently waiting for Mom's garden to dry out enough and the rain to subside long enough so we could do the annual planting.  Mom and Dad always had a garden for as long as I can remember. We made sure there was a garden for Dad to watch grow last year. This year the garden is Mother's project of love for her family. Mother is a natural caregiver. She loves to do things for other people. She has been at this since she was very young, cooking, baking and housekeeping from the age of 6, for her Dad and three brothers. This gift flows over into her garden and every aspect of her life. She loves to grow vegetables to give to others. Green beans are one veggie that is in high demand to be included for planting. Mother makes the best green beans ever ! They are a necessity at all family gatherings. This year was no exception to Mom's family garden. She had most of it done when Tom and I got there. Amanda and her kids stopped by and 'helped' too. (well Amanda and Luke helped)! We all are very appreciative of Mother's gift of giving and helping. 
Granny working in her garden  
Planting seeds of faith

Looks like Cindy didn't get it just right

Amanda and Luke helping Grandma

Cassidy and Lauren 'helping' - - holding down the chair?

The seeds and plants are planted and we will patiently watch as they mature.