From boys to men

It starts young and has continued through the ages

You ask what I am speaking about? Men and their shopping.

Recently Tom, Amanda, Luke and I went to the Salvation Army Thrift store in Huntington. Amanda likes to go there on a Wednesday, because they have clothes all half off. Unknown to us, the store is closing. There was about half of what is usually on the floor available to customers. Luke found a doll cart to keep himself busy during the shopping his Mother and Papa were doing. I tend to wander around and look at nothing in particular. Before we left I had lost track of Luke. Bad Grandma ! I found him in an aisle looking at merchandise. I am not exactly sure what he was shopping for, but he was paying very meticulous attention to several items in different aisles. It was hilarious to watch him inspecting the goods on the shelves.

Our day of Man shopping didn't end at the Salvation Army Store. We stopped at Wal-Mart in Wabash to get a few necessary items. It has to be a man thing. There sitting at the front entrance to Wal-Mart was a shiny red Mustang toy car. Luke was adamant he needed to check out the Mustang. I was completely dumbfounded when to my surprise, Luke lifted the hood to the toy car. What was he looking for? An engine to admire? Shining chrome? A souped up, super dooper hydro charged engine to beat all engines? I had to laugh to myself to see my grandson doing what comes naturally! Of course we have to check out the interior. Does it have leather? What about that all important gear shift? And can we forget the instrument panel, radio, cd player, and wood trim? So.... after much examination and admiring, we need to take the shiny red Mustang for a spin...right? It was just like watching my Dad or Tom inspect a vehicle they are interested in. The only thing the little man didn't do was kick the tires.

Luke had no idea I was taking the pictures. He was just doing what comes naturally ! Who would have known that the car assessment was part of their DNA !


Thankful Thursdays


Today I was reminded of the gift of friendship. I have a longtime friend that just needed to sit and share today. I hope I am always able to be there for her. There are certain aspects of life that we all crave. I value true friendships. A friendship is being supportive, having a personal relationship that is grounded in concern for their welfare, sharing a degree of intimacy of the heart. Friendship essentially involves a distinctive concern for a person. Friendship is a mutual caring and reassurance regarding each other. Being a good friend can be shown by respecting each others individuality. Friends may not agree on all aspects of life and their journeys, but they can share honesty, truth, mutual understanding, loyalty, and have sympathy and empathy for one another. When having a true friendship you can be comfortable in your relationship. They are often hard to come by, but well worth the wait when you do find them. I am so thankful for my true friends.


Tin Cup

Luke is our youngest grandson.

He is three years old. Lots of energy as most young little boys usually have. Grandpa decided today that he and Luke would make it a day of golfing. Grandpa went and picked Luke up early and they went to Honeywell's Golf Course. Luke has two clubs. A driver and an iron. Grandpa had made him a putter, but he didn't bring it or the iron along with him. As you can see in the following photos, Luke played a round of golf like Kevin Costner in Tin Cup. He used his driver as a sand wedge, putter and beat Grandpa. He actually has a very nice swing. Luke loves to follow Grandpa around, so this was a perfect opportunity for them to spend some time together. They had a beautiful day and lots of fun.
We are trying to build special memories with our Grandchildren. They will remember the time and fun we have spent with them. Sharing time with your grandchildren gives everyone a perfect opportunity to build on memories. Take time.


Thankful Thursdays

Summer Olympics hosted by China

This week we can all be thankful for the Olympics that are being held in China. It shows us that at some point, in this crazy world, people can come together and interact without war or harm to other people. The Olympics have not always been held without violence. We can only hope and pray, that in the future, the statement that the Olympics being held harm free will always be true. Watching Michael Phelps has been such a pleasure. The men's 4x100 Free was so exciting. I found myself wanting to jump up and down with my arms raised when we won. I found a replay of the race on the Internet and played it several times. The women's and men's volleyball games have been a must see. And who could forget the ReDeem Team? USA against the Chinese basketball team. Yoa Ming had such pride to compete for his country. The young boy that walked in with Yoa when the respective teams paraded into the 'Birds Nest' was something people will remember for a long time.

I have been watching the sights being shown on TV with much anticipation. I am anxious to see them in real life, if we get the chance to see what is on TV. Jennifer has mentioned a couple of things she really wants to see. I am just wanting to be able to soak up the atmosphere of the country and the people.

And we must send our sympathy to the family of the man that was killed in China that was related to the coach of the men's volleyball team. Todd Bachman and his wife Barbara were stabbed at Drum Tower in Beijing. We pray for safety for all that are in China for the Olympic games and a safe trip home.


Wagoner Reunion

Sunday-August 10th, 2008 was the date for the 55th Wagoner Reunion.

Homer and Myrtle Wagoner were married December 24, 1909.
They were parents to 6 children that lived to adulthood. Perry, Junior, Harold, Darold, Margaret and Lois. The first Wagoner reunion was held at my Aunt Mary and Uncle Junior's house in 1953. This year the Wagoner reunion was held at the Wabash County REMC building. I remember as a child, I always looked forward to the reunion, because we not only had a great meal, but Jane and I got to see Susan and Diane. Our reunion has expanded to include some of the Herring cousins of the 'Wagoner kids'. The number of decendants has increased so much that I am not sure exactly how many we have now.

Below are photos from the reunion this year.


Hair Today

The continuing episode of the Mahan's with their hair experiences continues
Amanda's girls decided they wanted to have their hair colored by a 'professional' hairdresser. Cassidy and Lauren had seen what had happened in the past with their mother and grandma's attempts to color Amanda's hair. I don't really blame them. I would be wary of me also. So Amanda, the girls and I went to Marion to have this 'professional' color their hair. Cassidy and Lauren have medium brown hair. When all was said and done, Lauren's hair wasn't too bad. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa.... what happened to Cassidy's hair? It wasn't Grandma this time that messed the hair up. Cassidy didn't want her hair quite as dark as it ended up being. She was very disappointed. We came home from Marion to fix the pro's attempt at hair coloring. Cassidy did the dish soap washings. We consulted a hairdresser in Wabash, and he gave us some advice to try and neutralize the coloring mishap. Lemonade. Yes, Lemonade. Mix the lemonade into a paste and apply it to the hair. Amanda and I should have known this trick the last time we worked on her hair.
Below are photos of Cassidy and Lauren's hair day.
Cassidy contemplating what she wants her hair to look like

This is the attempt to try and fix Cassidy's hair. Remember- she has lemonade on her hair.

Mother and daughter sharing a laugh.

Isn't Cassidy beautiful?

Thankful Thursdays

Oops....This weeks edition of Thankful Thursdays is a couple of days late

Cassidy, Alex and Lauren during an overnight stay

This week I am so thankful for granddaughters. They are so much like ourselves. There is an intimate and profound link between grandmothers and granddaughters.They begin life as little girls, grow into young ladies, and end up as women. My mother's own grandmother gave her many examples for life. She instilled in my mother lessons that are still with her today. My Dad's mother was know for many little messages in the form of old sayings. My mother passed them on to me and I use them with my own granddaughters also. Being a grandmother offers the opportunity to span a little area of life that, when parents are busy, we can fill. It is such fun to watch them play kitchen, school, start wearing makeup, enter college and begin a lifetime of achievements. Our granddaughters out number the boys (4-2 and soon to be 5-2). Alex is 17(senior at Wabash High School), Rainey 14 (freshmen at Wabash High School), Cassidy 12 ( seventh grade at Southwood High School), and Lauren 11 (sixth grade at Southwood Elementary School). We will have one more from China. We cant wait to get her. We don't know her age yet. Each offer a different view of this world. Personalities are as diverse as the day is from night. Each are valued and loved much.


Dark Clouds and School

Today we had some storms in the early afternoon. I had checked on the Doppler and saw that the storm appeared to be rather strong. Of course I had some clothes hanging on the line. When I went to take the clothes off the clothesline, I noticed the storm moving in. It had an eerie feeling. I caught these photos of the storm as it was approaching.

I wasnt sure if the Children of the Corn were going to appear or if Kevin Costner and his ballplayers would make an appearance.

The end of the leading clouds at the front of the storm structure.

This part of the storm has the manifestation of a tornado, but it is actually part of the passing storm system.

Today was registration day for Amanda, Stephanie and Rick for all of the grandkids. Amanda left Luke with Gma and Papa while she took care of the task for her two girls. He loves to spend time with Papa !!!!! Here they are watching cartoons......LOL.....

Remeber to be kind to someone today. It has the trickle down effect for everyone you pass it along to.