Is it October ? ? ? ?

Last evening I was witness to some vandalism to our home.

There were three individuals involved. I watched from inside our house as the vandals moved slowly about....

It was late. Very late, for someone to be out and about. The evening sky was dark. There were no stars in the sky to be seen. A cloudy day had extended itself to an evening cloud cover. A slight gentle wind was moving the leaves of the trees. The occasional sound of a vehicle could be heard from the highway close by. The stillness was broken by the slow pace of tires on the stone in our driveway. The three villains emerged from the dark car with calculated movements. They each stepped quietly away from the car doors, coming into view in my window. Slowly they attempted to close the doors on the car, however the light inside remained on for a few seconds. It may have seemed like minutes to the ruffians. I peered through the slats of the blinds covering my windows. I pulled one of the slats down little by little to get a better view of the vandals. I could see them cautiously move closer to our house. I did not know their intent. They appeared small in stature, but with a determination to reach their lofty goals. Fear was not to be my master. I knew I was protected by the strong walls of our habitat. The trespassers appeared to know exactly the purpose of their expedition. To my surprise, I could see what materialized to be some contraband they had brought with them. Confusion was filling my mind with questions. The hooligans proceeded to dispense the reason for their vandalism. Paper!...... yes ....... paper........... was the reason they were interrupting the quiet peacefulness of my home. I saw one of the scoundrels draw back their arm to throw a large white object up into one of our trees. The other two thugs followed the leader with attempts to heave the white entity into other trees located in our front yard. Streams of white paper hung leisurely, swaying in the gentle breeze that moved the paper like a ballet dancer. Attempt after attempt was made by the criminals to place the paper in our trees. The malicious lawbreakers went about their destruction without fear. They seemed very comfortable with the nasty, cruel, wicked, mischievous design they had conjured to carry out. To my astonishment they walked about with calm and familiarity. They seemed to stroll about the yard with recognizable composure. I was able to obtain a photo of the offenders. They may be known in our community. I am sure I have seen them before. Yes.... they are well known to me and many members of our family. My granddaughters Lauren, Cassidy and Alex. They may be smiling in this recent photograph, but I am sure, when approached by the local law enforcement, the smiles will disappear.... for a moment or two? Ok....they know the officers in town. Geez... where is justice? (notice the black markings under their eyes to keep the SUN out of their eyes .... while they were in the dark)
Below are photos of the destruction performed by the naughty little beings (otherwise known as my precious sweet granddaughters)

Wagoner Reunion 2009

This years Wagoner reunion was attended by 68 people.(thanks Aunt Lois for the correct total) The Herring side of the Wagoner's had a healthy representation. Always fun to see people you don't have the opportunity to see during a busy year. Dad, Uncle Hod, Aunt Margaret and Aunt Lois are the siblings left from 6 children. I have so many fond memories of being a Wagoner. That once again falls back to the wonderful childhood I had. I got so busy talking to my cousins Susan and Diane, I was remiss in getting lots of good photos! Bad Girl....
Below are photos that I did get.

Mother acting silly- Dad laughing. A precious photo
Happy times of family

Alex and Lauren trying to act 'normal'?

Jack is 10 months old- Matthew is 19 months old. Aren't they just too cute?

Malia's first Wagoner Reunion

Abbey and Luke enjoying the two step. He loves playing with Abbey

Ummmmm....... kissin cousins? Chloe is getting a photo of the evidence