From boys to men

It starts young and has continued through the ages

You ask what I am speaking about? Men and their shopping.

Recently Tom, Amanda, Luke and I went to the Salvation Army Thrift store in Huntington. Amanda likes to go there on a Wednesday, because they have clothes all half off. Unknown to us, the store is closing. There was about half of what is usually on the floor available to customers. Luke found a doll cart to keep himself busy during the shopping his Mother and Papa were doing. I tend to wander around and look at nothing in particular. Before we left I had lost track of Luke. Bad Grandma ! I found him in an aisle looking at merchandise. I am not exactly sure what he was shopping for, but he was paying very meticulous attention to several items in different aisles. It was hilarious to watch him inspecting the goods on the shelves.

Our day of Man shopping didn't end at the Salvation Army Store. We stopped at Wal-Mart in Wabash to get a few necessary items. It has to be a man thing. There sitting at the front entrance to Wal-Mart was a shiny red Mustang toy car. Luke was adamant he needed to check out the Mustang. I was completely dumbfounded when to my surprise, Luke lifted the hood to the toy car. What was he looking for? An engine to admire? Shining chrome? A souped up, super dooper hydro charged engine to beat all engines? I had to laugh to myself to see my grandson doing what comes naturally! Of course we have to check out the interior. Does it have leather? What about that all important gear shift? And can we forget the instrument panel, radio, cd player, and wood trim? So.... after much examination and admiring, we need to take the shiny red Mustang for a spin...right? It was just like watching my Dad or Tom inspect a vehicle they are interested in. The only thing the little man didn't do was kick the tires.

Luke had no idea I was taking the pictures. He was just doing what comes naturally ! Who would have known that the car assessment was part of their DNA !

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