Thankful Thursdays

Oops....This weeks edition of Thankful Thursdays is a couple of days late

Cassidy, Alex and Lauren during an overnight stay

This week I am so thankful for granddaughters. They are so much like ourselves. There is an intimate and profound link between grandmothers and granddaughters.They begin life as little girls, grow into young ladies, and end up as women. My mother's own grandmother gave her many examples for life. She instilled in my mother lessons that are still with her today. My Dad's mother was know for many little messages in the form of old sayings. My mother passed them on to me and I use them with my own granddaughters also. Being a grandmother offers the opportunity to span a little area of life that, when parents are busy, we can fill. It is such fun to watch them play kitchen, school, start wearing makeup, enter college and begin a lifetime of achievements. Our granddaughters out number the boys (4-2 and soon to be 5-2). Alex is 17(senior at Wabash High School), Rainey 14 (freshmen at Wabash High School), Cassidy 12 ( seventh grade at Southwood High School), and Lauren 11 (sixth grade at Southwood Elementary School). We will have one more from China. We cant wait to get her. We don't know her age yet. Each offer a different view of this world. Personalities are as diverse as the day is from night. Each are valued and loved much.

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