Tin Cup

Luke is our youngest grandson.

He is three years old. Lots of energy as most young little boys usually have. Grandpa decided today that he and Luke would make it a day of golfing. Grandpa went and picked Luke up early and they went to Honeywell's Golf Course. Luke has two clubs. A driver and an iron. Grandpa had made him a putter, but he didn't bring it or the iron along with him. As you can see in the following photos, Luke played a round of golf like Kevin Costner in Tin Cup. He used his driver as a sand wedge, putter and beat Grandpa. He actually has a very nice swing. Luke loves to follow Grandpa around, so this was a perfect opportunity for them to spend some time together. They had a beautiful day and lots of fun.
We are trying to build special memories with our Grandchildren. They will remember the time and fun we have spent with them. Sharing time with your grandchildren gives everyone a perfect opportunity to build on memories. Take time.

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Anonymous said...

Chris has taken me golfing before and we have seen Tin Cup as well. Being a novice and KNOWING I wouldn't do well, I just told him to give me the 7 iron-that would be all I would need. In reality, I needed the driver for all of my holes. lol. At least it seemed like I did. It was fun.
Your grandson is adorable. What a beautiful golf course too!