Thankful Thursdays

Summer Olympics hosted by China

This week we can all be thankful for the Olympics that are being held in China. It shows us that at some point, in this crazy world, people can come together and interact without war or harm to other people. The Olympics have not always been held without violence. We can only hope and pray, that in the future, the statement that the Olympics being held harm free will always be true. Watching Michael Phelps has been such a pleasure. The men's 4x100 Free was so exciting. I found myself wanting to jump up and down with my arms raised when we won. I found a replay of the race on the Internet and played it several times. The women's and men's volleyball games have been a must see. And who could forget the ReDeem Team? USA against the Chinese basketball team. Yoa Ming had such pride to compete for his country. The young boy that walked in with Yoa when the respective teams paraded into the 'Birds Nest' was something people will remember for a long time.

I have been watching the sights being shown on TV with much anticipation. I am anxious to see them in real life, if we get the chance to see what is on TV. Jennifer has mentioned a couple of things she really wants to see. I am just wanting to be able to soak up the atmosphere of the country and the people.

And we must send our sympathy to the family of the man that was killed in China that was related to the coach of the men's volleyball team. Todd Bachman and his wife Barbara were stabbed at Drum Tower in Beijing. We pray for safety for all that are in China for the Olympic games and a safe trip home.

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