She's coming !

Yesterday Jennifer checked the website she checks regularly to see if there was any news on referrals. She had checked it earlier in the day, and found nothing. When she looked later there it was........Feb. 9th. This date may not mean much to most people, but that is the log in date for Rick and Jen. They were hoping for September to go quickly so they could be in the next batch of referrals. Much to their surprise today they got ' THE Call' ! The much desired call from their agency telling them they will be getting that much anticipated little girl they have longed for. It looks like the Mahan party of five will be leaving in about 8 weeks to go and get her.
Her Chinese name is Chuang Lu Shuo (Chuang being her last name and Lu her first.)
She was born December 17,2007
She has been in an orphanage called Social Welfare Institute of Wiseng County
She is from the Jiangxi province.
Malia.............. we are coming and will see you soon.

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