Hair Today

The continuing episode of the Mahan's with their hair experiences continues
Amanda's girls decided they wanted to have their hair colored by a 'professional' hairdresser. Cassidy and Lauren had seen what had happened in the past with their mother and grandma's attempts to color Amanda's hair. I don't really blame them. I would be wary of me also. So Amanda, the girls and I went to Marion to have this 'professional' color their hair. Cassidy and Lauren have medium brown hair. When all was said and done, Lauren's hair wasn't too bad. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa.... what happened to Cassidy's hair? It wasn't Grandma this time that messed the hair up. Cassidy didn't want her hair quite as dark as it ended up being. She was very disappointed. We came home from Marion to fix the pro's attempt at hair coloring. Cassidy did the dish soap washings. We consulted a hairdresser in Wabash, and he gave us some advice to try and neutralize the coloring mishap. Lemonade. Yes, Lemonade. Mix the lemonade into a paste and apply it to the hair. Amanda and I should have known this trick the last time we worked on her hair.
Below are photos of Cassidy and Lauren's hair day.
Cassidy contemplating what she wants her hair to look like

This is the attempt to try and fix Cassidy's hair. Remember- she has lemonade on her hair.

Mother and daughter sharing a laugh.

Isn't Cassidy beautiful?

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