Thankful Thursdays


Today I was reminded of the gift of friendship. I have a longtime friend that just needed to sit and share today. I hope I am always able to be there for her. There are certain aspects of life that we all crave. I value true friendships. A friendship is being supportive, having a personal relationship that is grounded in concern for their welfare, sharing a degree of intimacy of the heart. Friendship essentially involves a distinctive concern for a person. Friendship is a mutual caring and reassurance regarding each other. Being a good friend can be shown by respecting each others individuality. Friends may not agree on all aspects of life and their journeys, but they can share honesty, truth, mutual understanding, loyalty, and have sympathy and empathy for one another. When having a true friendship you can be comfortable in your relationship. They are often hard to come by, but well worth the wait when you do find them. I am so thankful for my true friends.

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