Dark Clouds and School

Today we had some storms in the early afternoon. I had checked on the Doppler and saw that the storm appeared to be rather strong. Of course I had some clothes hanging on the line. When I went to take the clothes off the clothesline, I noticed the storm moving in. It had an eerie feeling. I caught these photos of the storm as it was approaching.

I wasnt sure if the Children of the Corn were going to appear or if Kevin Costner and his ballplayers would make an appearance.

The end of the leading clouds at the front of the storm structure.

This part of the storm has the manifestation of a tornado, but it is actually part of the passing storm system.

Today was registration day for Amanda, Stephanie and Rick for all of the grandkids. Amanda left Luke with Gma and Papa while she took care of the task for her two girls. He loves to spend time with Papa !!!!! Here they are watching cartoons......LOL.....

Remeber to be kind to someone today. It has the trickle down effect for everyone you pass it along to.

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Jennifer said...

This storm was erie and your crazy son was riding his bicycle in it! Your comment about who might come out of the corn field cracked me up!