A ride in the country

Today was a beautiful sunny day. It was chilly outside, but the sun shining into the car made it nice and warm. Tom and I decided to go to Rochester. We programmed an address into the Garmin, but it took us to a persons house. Not where we wanted to go......ha ha ha... While we were misplaced, we came across this house. It looks as if it belongs in England. I know my sister Jane is going to love seeing this house. She and I long to go to England.
After getting back on the correct route, I saw what I thought was a big red round barn. Jane and I love barns. I was so excited to think I was going to get a photo to share with her. Nope....this big round red barn is actually a club house for a golf course. It sure looked like a barn! Tom thought the golf course looked nice. He probably made a mental note to check it out some day!
We continued on our ride, ending up in downtown Rochester, Indiana. They have a very pretty courthouse. I love to see the old courthouses in different counties. I tried to snap a photo of it as Tom was moving with the traffic on the green light ! It may appear to be a little blurry.
We stopped in Warsaw on the way home to enjoy lunch. Tom thought that by the time we got to North Manchester, he would be feeling good enough to enjoy some ice cream. Tom...!!! we just had lunch. They have remodeled the Dairy Queen! It is really nice on the inside. Beside our booth was a photo of a Dairy Queen in the 1940's. It was nice to see. They have several photos. If you get a chance stop in to see the inside remodeling and the photos.

It was a very nice 'ride in the country' today.

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Watalulu said...

My daughter longs to go to England someday. If she could only find an English dairy farmer.....