Honor Thy Father . . . .

Most people don't know my Dad.

He is a very quiet man. We tease him that since he was in a house with 4 very talkative women, he never had a chance to speak. Dad is just naturally quiet and a bit backwards around people. You won't find anyone who would say a bad thing about him. He is so admired by everyone in our family. Dad has been sick for almost 4 months. We think he is finally on the mend. What I want to express here, is how much I admire and love my Dad. I know everyone loves their father. My Dad is so special. He didn't get much of an education. The teacher didn't like him. So her disapproval was taken out on Dad with discipline. So he stopped going to school. Today, Tom and I went over to Mom and Dad's so Tom could install wiring for Dad to be able to run a heater he got for Christmas.

While I was standing in Dad's workshop, it brought to mind all that Dad has accomplished in his lifetime. He served in the Army in World War II. He is a very partiotic man. He loves to fly his flag, and has so much respect for the service men and women serving and those that have served. His twin brother and he were both in service for our country at the same time. Neither knowing if the other would make it back. Mom and Dad worked hard to save money to build their own home. People have other people build their homes today, but Mom and Dad built theirs evenings, and on weekends. It took us almost a year. Dad has never had any formal training for building, plumbing, wiring, etc. It just comes natural for him. He made a living, to provide his family (wife and 3 daughters), with all the necessities of life, as a mechanic for those big machines that build roads. We girls were very happy girls. We knew we were loved. After retiring Dad wanted to work in his workshop. He loves to make things out of wood. He has made kitchen tables, microwave stands, chairs, tables, lights, doll furniture, toy automobiles & covered wagons, patio rocking chairs, shelves to just name a few of the things. He was featured in our local newspaper, just like his Dad was years ago, for all the wood working he has done. He and Mother have been so much help for all of their family. They are just a phone call away. This morning I had an overflowing heart. I am so thankful that I was fortunate to have these two people as parents. I love my Dad with all my heart. He will be 88 on April 18th. I treasure everyday that I have to share with both my parents.

View out the window in Dad's workshop
I love you Dad........with all my heart.


Anonymous said...

Cindy, you brought tears to my eyes today. What a wonderful tribute to your dad! He's a great guy! You girls are very fortunate to have him as your dad and for all these years. Enjoy every minute! I've seen some of his woodworking projects. God has blessed him with much talent!
Thanks for letting us get to know him a little better.
Love ya,

Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Cindy,
Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog. These were such lovely words about your dad. My father lives with us, he is going to be 85 in July.