A little of the Misc.

Friday Tom and I went over to Mom and Dad's house. My goodness . . . What is that? Oh...it is Mother. She was helping Dad sweep and clean his garage. They didn't know we were coming over to see if they could go and get fish with us in Marion. Boy did Mom need a little work cleaning up before we left!

As you can see in this photo, Mother did clean up nicely. We went to Marion to Dad's favorite place to get fish. It is probably the best fish in this area. We had a very nice time.

Jane and I went for a walk this afternoon (Sunday). It was a lovely day for a walk. There were people out in their yards everywhere. People playing ball in the school playground, working on their yards, kids playing basketball in their backyards, some were taking walks like we were. You can tell everyone is ready for spring. As we know in Indiana, you don't trust the weather man. Strange things can happen before spring officially gets here. Jane and I did come across some crocus in a yard we were passing by. They were so pretty. I just had to share them.

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Lou said...

The best place I know for fish in Marion is D.T.
Is this where you went?