Promise of Spring

Promise of Spring

The sky is dark and sullen
The trees look so forlorn
The days are short, a chill sets in
A winter day is born.

I yearn for spring so long ago
A day spent in the park
Among the blooming daffodil
The wren and meadowlark.

I long for gentle days of rain
A warm breeze in the air
The fragrance of a lilac tree
A day so ever fair.

Beneath the dead decaying leaves
A bud does wait anew
To reach its arms up to the sky
When winter days are through.

Beyond the bitter winds that blow
A breeze awaits to greet
To bring in sun kissed golden rod
And tender grass so sweet.

Just as the winter fades away
To this one hope I cling
Our God, who gives the winter wind
Will surely bring the spring

Marilyn Ferguson/ 2006


Barbara said...

Cindy- Please come over to The Serenity Gate. You're a winner!!

Anonymous said...

Sure like the poem you printed. Ahhhh, sure anxious for spring! You do such a good job with your posting. I enjoy reading and keeping up with your family.
Love & hugs,

Gwendolyn said...

And He does! Such a good lesson! How I need to keep waiting for the One Who always fulfills His promises. Spring is always a good reminder of His unfailing kindness! Thank you for your encouragement!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Hey Cindy, how lovely to meet you. Thank you for dropping by my blog-home and leaving a "hello".

This is a reciprocal visit. I'll be back!

Besides ... anyone loving country music is kin to me!

Be blessed,

Pistolmom said...


Rima said...

Hello Cindy and Tom, thanks so much for visiting me and glad you liked the blog header :)
Spring is arriving here to in the south of England..
sending best wishes