Before and After

The Carport "before"

Some days..... it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

"oh bother.......it looks like another blustery day"

Stephanie and Mark are buying a different house. As far as one could tell, all was well. That is until.....the storm last night. I heard the rain and knew it was windy. Little did I know just how windy it really was. Tom said it was difficult driving home from work. Me (being the person I am) ......... I went to bed. Just like all the other times there are storms.
Tom and I were going to Stephanie's new place this morning to show Mom and Dad her new house. Upon arriving we were stunned to see the carport had been moved. We sat there in utter shock. It was no longer in the spot we knew it to have been. It was now at the back of their property ! The wind had picked it up and blown it over. What a sight that would have been to see. You can see in the first photo where it had been dragged along the ground.

The Carport "after"

Happy Winds-day!


Watalulu said...

If we didn't have enough wind this winter, spring will bring more wind. Wind is not my favorite thing, especially when it brings bad storms and tornadoes.
Hopefully they can get their carport replaced.
The picture of Pooh and Piglet is too cute.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh my! I hope everyone is ok.