Strange title?

As I have traveled into the blog world, reading and sharing, there are some very perceptive blogs that inspire. I would like to encourage you to read a couple of blogs that I have been following.

First is ~Esther's Insights~. It is a very interesting blog created by Gwendolyn. After her mothers passing, she and her siblings were going through some mementos of their mother. Each one had a special package with their names on it. Gwendolyn was given a 'Treasure Box'. She has generously shared intimate excerpts from this special Box with us. I sit and read her post knowing that the Lord will use them to make changes in me. Gwendolyn says on her blog that her Mother "would take your hand, look into your eyes and with a sparkle and a smile, share straight from her heart." Thank you Gwendolyn for sharing your Mother's never ending love.

The second is 'Sassy Granny'. Kathleen has a collection of thoughts dedicated to her grandchildren. It is wonderfully written. Humor, insight, and caring are woven into each post. When I am done reading her blog, I find myself uplifted and smiling. I truly love the blogs that challenge me to review my own life, that I may become a much better person. Thank you Kathleen for your devotion to your family and sharing of your thoughts.


Gwendolyn said...

Cindy, you are so gracious to have mentioned Esthers Insights today. Thank you and I am always blessed by your posts as well. Isn't it such a blessing to bond with others in Christ inspite of the fact that we've never even met in person? Blessings to you tonight!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Wow. I'm blessed and undone! Thank you so-o-o-o much for such a warm mention.

As you know, being a blogger yourself, it's a strange world that tethers each of us in such a special, unique way. We may never meet here, but I guarantee when we arrive "there" we'll know each other. I'm thinking it's a friendship for eternity.

Bless the Lord, and bless you,

Vee said...

Oh this is so neat...I am delighted that "Esther's Insights" was featured in your post. I hope that many more people find that wonderful blog.

I must check to see what your other link is all about!