Return of the Ice Age

For Veronica:
This morning Tom and I was suddenly surprised by a huge noise and a very large bang at about 5:00 A.M. The bang shook the house and some of the contents inside. I wasn't sure what had happened. All I could think of was that it was thunder. It never crossed my mind that we were being attacked by the trees outside. During the night and morning hours ice had formed on the trees with the wind blowing them around and they were reacting to the extra weight. (I know what that is like, I hate extra weight) We decided to lay back down and go to sleep, thinking I was probably correct in assuming it was thunder. HA.........wrong again Cindy. After another noise with a bang once again following the noise, we decided to investigate. Well lo and behold the trees were throwing branches at our house. On the roof ! Like what did we ever do to you to make you throw such huge branches at the house? I didn't know the trees could get so frustrated from a little extra weight. Geez ole Pete, I think they need anger management. Some of the trees decided to drop their branches right were they stood. Didn't even try to disguise the fact they had dropped them. They left a mess so obvious that they had done it. This continued on for several hours. Tom had an appointment in Fort Wayne and we had to keep it. There was no time to deal with our angry trees and their issues. It would have to wait until we got home. If our trees try and deny they were throwing branches, I have the proof. Please see the evidence I have to show the extent of the damage the trees caused by throwing branches at our house.
After a small counseling session with our trees, we did a little organizing of the branches that were thrown. I think we have an agreement with the trees that they wont throw so many branches at the house/ or drop them in plain sight any more. Cross your fingers folks !!!
The evidence I have stacked for future reference if needed. It is in clear view for the trees to remember what they did this morning.
More evidence I found below a tree. Little droplets of some sort. I am not even gonna begin to go there !


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh my! What a lot of damage to your poor trees. Hope that the roof escapes unscathed. I will never forget the ice storm of the century that hit us nearly 11 years ago. It was so loud that it sounded like a massacre. The trees wailed and screamed all night long.

Thank you for including my blog on your blog roll. I am bookmarking you and I will be back for another visit when I have more time. Time? What's that these days?!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy. That looks scary. We had some limbs down, especially the evergreens. The other trees that had broken limbs mainly just hit the drive way and only a couple whacked the house.
I am glad you didn't have any structural damage.
Hope you have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your poor guys! We had ice everywhere, but no tree damage. My mom, on the other hand.... Our neighbors are still w/o power. They are running electicity from our outside outlet to their house to run the blower insert in their fireplace to keep warm!
Maybe if you go outside next spring and read the Joyce Kilmer poem, "Trees", your branches will forgive you for your unknown sins and never attack you again!
Have a great Christmas!
Becki and Tom

Country Girl said...

I can't believe how many limbs came down! A couple of year ago, there was a big ice storm in Virginia, along the SkyLine Drive. So many trees were damaged there with the entire tops missing from many of them.