Let's Get This Party Started

Saturday we celebrated Malia's birthday

We had lots of fun at Malia's birthday party. Grandma Peggy, Grandpa Dewey, Amanda, Kyle, Cassidy, Lauren, Luke, Stephanie, Alex, Kyle, Patty, Collin, Grandpa Tom and Grandma Cindy along with Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Spencer were all present and accounted for. Malia of course was the center of attention. She first opened presents. It was funny to watch her throw the clothes to the side as if they were tissue paper to fill the sacks that had her gifts in them. She was searching for the toys ! It was fun to watch her as it is with any little one opening gifts for the first time. Below are photos of the happening.

Is this ok to play with Mommy?
Mommy is happy, she was able to win at this game

Mommy-Daddy....what is in this?????????

Oh goody..........it is another toy !

Malia's birthday cake with Rick and Jen's favorite picture on it.

Malia's personal birthday cake with the special candle from China

The candle has a sparkler in the middle that lights the outside candles and then opens. It is so cute.

Ok, I have icing on my toes, my hands are all gooey and Mommy wants me to try the cake?

Now this is beginning to taste pretty good

I think this is the start of something good

Oh.... Oh... I have some icing on the other toes

I really have this icing thing down pat

Grandpa, Daddy, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Amanda all think I am very cute on my new mode of transportation

I love having a birthday and sharing it with my family

A very happy family

The Mahan's

Spencer, Jennifer, Malia and Rick

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy.
Merry Christmas to you!!!!
Marg and I were in Wabash a few days ago and I am sure we saw Spencer in the passenger seat of a dark van. I suppose his mother was driving. lol
I recognized him from your blog.
Take Care,