The House That Jane Built


Don't tell anyone. Jane is building a house. It is a much smaller tiny little house than she has now. In fact it is so small and tiny she will never be able to live in it, unless she becomes a miniature person. She has been working on it since before we went to China to get Malia. She and Dad have been like busy little beavers working in Dad's shop, building windows, attaching walls to floors and putting a roof on the small square they have created. Jane spent lots of time staining each tiny little small shingle for her new little house. Now that was determination. Tom helped with the wiring for the lights. Jane has finally got almost all of the wallpaper up along with the linoleum and carpet in the living room. It isn't completed yet. She has trim to put on, ceiling tile to install, finish wallpapering in the living room, add more furniture, and attach the house to a small board because, if you live in a small tiny little house like she has built, you have to have a patio !
Now you may ask, why on earth is Jane building a tiny little small house? Shhhhhhh... it is a surprise for a little granddaughter for Christmas. But Mum is the word. I will post more photos when she has completed the construction of her tiny small little house.

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Anonymous said...

What a darling little house. I know the love that goes into making something for a present. Jane's granddaughter will appreciate all that love. Merry Christmas to all!
Love & hugs,