Happy Birthday 'Little Missy"

Today is Miss Malia Jo Lu's first birthday. Happy Birthday to our youngest granddaughter. Grandpa and I went over to share a little bit of time with her today. Mom and Dad are having a party for her Saturday. We wanted to spend time with her on the day she was born. She wasn't quite sure what to do with the muffin we had her candle in. So she ate it! She had been busy before we arrived, redecorating a small Christmas tree that Jennifer has sitting on the floor. After we left, Mom and Malia were headed to Fort Wayne to have her picture taken. She certainly is a joy.

Happy Birthday Malia. Grandpa and Grandma love you very much.

Later in the evening we attended a band concert for the Jr. High at Southwood. Spencer plays the trumpet. It was a short program since the schools are having final exams this week. Little Missy had fun while waiting for the program to begin. She especially likes playing with Luke.

Hoping your birthday was a fun filled day, Little Miss Malia.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Malia certainly is a beauty, isn't she! It was great that she had a cupcake for her birthday day. Sure good that you and Tom could see her on her special day. Great picture of her at the band concert.
It will be interesting to see her with her first cake.