1-2-3 Christmas's

Three Christmas's in three days. Whew......that is what I call busy, busy, busy (famous saying by the magician in Frosty the Snowman!) As you might sense, from knowing our family, that any get together, can and probably will be, a fun and entertaining gathering of family. That assumption would be true again this year.
Our first stop was Christmas Eve at Tom's family. We met at Bonnie's (Tom's sister) sharing a meal and gifts. Watching the young ones was the entertainment of the evening.
Tom and his mother-Chig Looks like they are sharing something funny

Stephanie and Mark

Luke showing off the 'dance' he taught himself !

On Christmas evening we all gather at Mom and Dad's. It is always very crowded and hot! I keep telling Mom to cool the house down before we get there, but it is usually pretty warm. Collin and I opened doors and raised windows this year which resulted in a cooler house which meant it was much more comfortable. There are 37 of us all together, so you can see why it gets warm. We always have a carry in dinner, and after a little cleaning, it is off to the gifts. The younger boys all got guns, which lead to a gunfest! Sit down boys, we cant see or hear what is happening!

Mother giving instructions (is Barbara imitating her? Nahhhhh)

Jack Wallace Boggs- takes the prize for being the youngest (born in October)

Malia Jo Lu Mahan- Prize of being the newest addition (Nov. 2nd) Also pictured is the oldest- Our dear wonderful Dad. 87 years old this year ! Our much loved and needed- Mom and Dad (Grandma & Grandpa-also great Grandma/ Grandpa) It appears Collin thinks it is taking Tom much too long to distribute the gifts.
Wake up Jennifer- it won't be much longer
Seems Barbara thinks there is a problem !
Now she appears to be happy-must be the gift she was waiting for It appears that Eli has things under control or he is practicing to be a policeman Hmmmmm ...........electric knife?
Jane seems surprised. Is there only one of them?
Oooooooooooooooo............ there is the other one
Dad really thinks Mom's gift is funny ... he may use them !
Pork Chops from Shippy Jane???????
And the prize of the evening goes to......(drum roll).......... Rob/ The man who can't seem to find things. Gosh there is a lot of paper in that box. Just what Rob needed.................. A vehicle finder of his own. Personalized even ! Yep, Yep....attach it to your belt loop. Hmmm...... Jane seems to really like the chain thing that Rob has going on ! And the gifts just keep rollin in.........strange looking gift !!!!! There ya go Rob....now you should never loose your car again. You have your 'I am not lost' flag, your map of the shopping area to show you where you parked your car, and your personalized super duper Vehicle Locator Button. All is well in your world?

Our family celebration of Christmas, was the day after the 25th. We have to work around schedules. Once again it is lots of fun to be with the kids. To hear their laughter, watching their spontaneity, their love for one another comes shining through. God has certainly blessed us with a wonderful caring family. We get things started, after the meal, with the drawing of the Santa Helpers for the evening. Rick and Amanda were bestowed the role this year. Seems Rick wasnt so sure he wanted to work with Amanda?

Proud Amanda.............does the 'L' stand for Loser Rick?

One of Santa Helpers little Helpers Malia is very happy to be Daddy's little helper
Malia in a zone of her own before the opening of the gifts F E A R................ that is what is showing on Stephanie's face. Rick thinks throwing presents saves time Amanda is trying to appear sorry after dropping Rainey's gift that was fragile ! Rick is marking her as a double loser !
Malia showing us all how to look cool with her new IU hat Luke beginning to open his gifts Looking very happy with this one from Rick, Jennifer, Spencer and Malia Lauren RheaSpencer and Cassidy Rainey wants Mark to wear her new earrings WOW - - Alex is surprised ! Little Missy (aka: Malia Jo) checking out Alex's black pearl from China Can anyone help Rick decide where their new mug came from? Jennifer is delighted, Rick is in shock, Spencer is confused and Malia is asking "What is a stroller?" Ummm .... is this scene real? Amanda, Kyle, Tom and Luke Our Pride and Joy

Alex, Rainey, Lauren with Luke, Spencer with Malia and Cassidy

Too precious for words !

Matthew 1:20-25

Behold the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name Jesus.

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