Another combative night.....

It seems like there are some underlying issues with our 'Trees'. Either they are still harboring grudges or they have not completely gotten over the first episode of branch throwing. While sitting quietly in our home last evening, we were once again startled by a huge crackle followed by a large bang on the roof. Tom and I looked at each other in disbelief. Could this anger matter be continuing? By the sound of things (on the roof), the agreement that was tentatively arranged must not be to the 'Trees' liking. Santa doesn't usually land with as loud a commotion. It appears as if we will have to call in a mediator to settle this problem. I can just see the look on their barks. A huge dastardly grin with limbs drawn back, aiming for our roof, with branches big enough to bring a lumber jack to his knees. Snaaaapppp........Thud! Then the sound of the Trees laughing? Crackle Crackle Crackle. Mean Wittle Trees.......well they aren't so little, but they are mean.

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