Christmas at the Office

Yesterday we had our office Christmas party at the Honeywell House. It is always a pleasant place to have a party. The food, as usual, was very delicious. My mother would have been proud of me. I cleaned my plate. I wish we had all been in the same room. Maybe next time, we can have it set up to accommodate all of us together.

We were entertained by a choral group from Wabash High School. They were very good, and I enjoyed them immensely. Their outfits were beautiful and they presented an excellent program. I wish them well in their contest they enter. Our Christmas parties always give us time that we can reflect on our year of working and trying to the best of our ability to make each patient feel as if they are the most important person to us. We want them to all feel we have their best interest in mind. I appreciate each and everyone of the ladies that work at FPA. They are the best group of people to work with. I really enjoy working at FPA. As I tell the girls when I do work, I am there to P A R T Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding, although I do enjoy myself when I do work. A huge Thank You to Betty for the lovely dish towels and hot pads. She is so thoughtful to remember us each year. I cant say enough how nice it is to work with people that make your work experience a good experience.
Merry Christmas to all my fellow employees. Wishes for the Happiest of New Years.


cityfarmer said...

hey new frined, Im a Hoosier, too...born and raised just up the road apiece....let's chat some more.

I think I gained a couple of pounds just looking at your banana cake.

Watalulu said...

I know your momma is proud that you cleaned your plate! What a good girl you are!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

What fun...and just looking at the table is making me hungry! cherry

Debbie said...

Thanks for visiting! I enjoyed reading your post. That banana cake look very good. I'll be visiting again.