Malia Jo Lu Mahan

We have our new addition to our family. We went to the Gotcha Ceremony at 3 pm today (Sunday our time), and got her. Peggy and I saw her in the hallway before they brought her into the room. It was a very moving experience. She is a very lucky little girl to be able to have parents that will bring her up in the USA.

She was a little sad at first, but she quickly adjusted from that. She went on her first family trip to do some more paperwork with Mom, Dad and Spencer. They were going to get their first official family picture taken too.

But ! ! ........... I have the first photo of them all together. We are so excited to finally have her. Rick and Jen havent stopped smiling. Neither have Peggy and I.

Here is the photo of the Mahan's with their new daughter Malia Jo Lu Mahan.

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