Christmas long ago

Do you ever think about those Christmas' you had in your youth?

Jane and I were talking about this a few weeks ago. We were discussing that we couldn't remember what we had gotten as kids for Christmas. I know I was never disappointed. I remember going through the JC Penny Christmas catalog and marking toys and other things I always hoped Santa would bring me. I was always a little nervous going to bed Christmas Eve. I wanted to stay up long enough to see Santa, but never could stay up long enough. That guy came to our house very late ! We both remember the time we opened our presents and then had to pretend to be surprised. I think that is why to this day I never ever want to know what is in a gift. Another time we found Christmas presents in a suitcase in the downstairs closet. We didn't tell Mom or Dad about that until we were older, didn't want to ruin our chances of getting Christmas presents in future Christmas'. Mom and Dad laugh about the time they were wrapping gifts on Christmas eve and our Dad (being the funny man he can be at times) said to Mom as he was looking towards the kitchen door "What are you doing up"? Mother just about passed out. She had not been feeling well and then to have Dad play a trick on her. The most memorable Christmas present that I remember was the record player. Mom bought us one record to play on it. The Chipmunk song. I know she was sick to death of listening to it. Hey Mom....you should have bought another! Roller skates was another favorite gift. We loved to roller skate at the Honeywell Center on Saturdays. After gift opening on Christmas morning we always went to Grandma Wagoner's for Christmas dinner. We got to see our cousins and a visit from Santa on a few occasions. It was fun being a kid and growing up. We had a very carefree life. I never worried about anything. We just played as kids and had a good time doing it. There were no gifts like kids get today. We created a lot of the stuff we played with. That was the fun part of it. Today the real meaning of Christmas is always in my heart. Many years ago a little child was born in a manger. Born to carry the sins of mankind, and open a way for all of us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ is the center of all that Christmas stands for. He gave us the greatest gift of all... He died for our sins, so each of us that belong to Him will have Eternal life. Take time this Christmas season to reflect on your youth and family. Remember to always keep Christ first and foremost in your celebrations this season.

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Quilting Journey said...

What a beautiful blog you have, Cindy! Thank you so much for stopping by my own blog and leaving a nice comment! Your post on Christmases past is wonderful...ah, you brought back so many mememories of my own. With me, Sears catalog and ordering absolutely everything months ahead of time in our little island home in Alaska. That 'wish book' was dog earred by Christmas and sent me on some many lovely journeys of wishing and dreaming! hugs from Alaska where it's now pitch dark at 3 in the afternoon!