One Week

we only have a week to go until the big day............turkey day that is. lots of good food, family and fun. thankful thursdays have been missing for a while. lets see.......what am i thankful for? well........there is the fact i am at home in america today. home from the trip with rick, jennifer, spencer and peggy to china to add an adorable little girl to our family. thankful that mother found out what was wrong with her so she can get to feeling better, thankful i have such a good husband.
if i would take time to look at what matters the most in my life, my list always starts with family. be thankful for the difficult times in life, during those times we grow, daily chores because they add a familiarity to make my life easier, the snow that came today-i love the changing of the seasons, friendships-they are truly very precious to me, the laughter of a child, a content mind, a grateful heart, a quest for knowledge, my strengths and weaknesses.

take time to enjoy the small things. blow bubbles, walk the dog, lay on a blanket in the park and watch the sky, watch a funny movie. life's treasures are the small pleasures; give thanks for each small gift you receive.

Psalms 95:2 " Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !


Watalulu said...

Here is another one Cindy. I met this lovely lady last Saturday. It is an older blog, but may still interest you.

Watalulu said...

Hi Cindy, Have you gotten your mashed potatoes, gravy, cucumbers and meatloaf yet?