A Red Thread to China

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break" _ _ Ancient Chinese Belief

We have our Little China Doll home. "Malia Jo Lu Mahan arrived safely on US soil in Fort Wayne on Saturday November 15th. It was a long journey of patience and perserverance for Rick and Jennifer. The wait and the struggle were all worth it. Malia is a beautiful, energetic, wiggly and much loved little girl. She is developing a personality, bonding well with her parents, and by the looks of things, she is gaining weight. She is 11 months old, soon to celebrate her first birthday with all the fanfare we can muster.

Our journey to the land of 'Malia' began in Nanchang, China. Rick, Jennifer and Spencer were handed a bundle of pure love. She was loved before she ever became into being. God has Blessed her family with such love and devotion for her. Here we see her becoming part of the Mahan Clan on "Gottcha Day". She is a princess. She is a child of The King of Kings.

Their adventure, being a family, will continue for many years to come. She started life in another land

. . . . and will resume again in a land of opportunity.

Malia's first steps on American soil......

Thank you Lord for the protection you provided us as we traveled the many miles to add this precious child of Yours to our family. We give You all the Glory and Praise.

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Alyson and Ford said...

She's adorable!

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