Its Arrival at China Time

We have arrived in China after a long 25 hours of either in the air or waiting in the airports. The longest leg of the journey was 14 hours trapped in a flying tin can!!!!!!!!!!! We ate supper at 3 AM ! We had a little snack of a Chicken salad sandwich later, and before we left the plane we were served breakfast. This was all on the Asiana Airlines. We once again was back on them again for our flight from Seoul, S. Korea to Beijing, China. What do they do, but serve us another meal. Now by this time, I am sick of eating. They kept taking my water bottle from me, but keep trying to push food into my body. Enough already. We all got a little bit of sleep on our 14 hour air plane ride. If that is what you want to call it. I watched 3 movies in route. In fact I watched Nims Island 3x's. Spencer didn't get much sleep. He finally crashed and slept in the Korean airport. Our person (Becky) from CHI met us at the Beijing airport. She informed us that the airport had been remodeled and was in the shape of a dragon. She was very pleasant and very helpful. We are all resting as much as we can. Time adjustment is a little tricky. We have been sleeping when we are usually awake and awake when we normally are sleeping. And this eating thing really has me all mixed up. Tomorrow we will be seeing the Great Wall, Tiennenman Square, The Forbidden City, The Water Cube, and the Birds Nest. How cool is that? I am so glad the kids asked Peggy and I to go with them. This is such an adventure.
Below are a few photos from our trip so far.
Double Decker Plane we took from Chicago to Korea

Korean Airport-Incheon

Spencer sound asleep in Korean Airport

China Airport

Rick and Spencer in Beijing Airport

Becky from CHI meeting Rick, Jen and Spencer

Checking in to the Radisson Hotel downtown Beijing

Peggy with her grocery store she had stored in her luggage!

Jen working on getting her blog posted

Hoping to be able to post again tomorrow. It all depends on the time allowance.

It is truly a blessing to be able to share this special event of their lifes with them.

Much love to all until we return.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting for you all. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures. I hope you have a wonderful trip.