Hello again from Nanchang China

Malia Jo Lu Mahan

Below are new photos.
Laundry day in Nanchang. People here do not use dryers. Cost too much.
Women saying Goodbye to Malia. The older women would stop and smile and say Goodbye

People shopping in Wal Mart

Shopping at the pottery shop! What fun this was. Sorry Tom, there was just too much pretty stuff to leave here!

We visited the City park after some pottery shopping

A typical shop. They are mostly a hole in a wall place with little to sell

Normal transportation for the people. It is easier to buy a car than to get a drivers license. Most people either walk or ride bikes

People playing Mai Jong in the park. They wanted their pictures taken

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, it looks like you are having a wonderful trip. What memories you will have to cherish. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures. I check your blog often to see all the fun you are having.
Take Care,