Nanchang, China

It is amazing how poor the people all are. They live in such poor conditions. Malia is so fortunate to be leaving this and have the opportunities available to her in the United States. Below are some photos of the area in and around Nanchang, China in the area of our hotel. If we go into the countryside, I will post photos. The buildings are in disrepair. The roofs are sad, there is laundry hanging out everywhere. I am so thankful that Malia will be living in the United States. It makes me sad to think that these people have to live like this.
Now on a brighter note. Malia is doing so well. She is funny. She really likes her Daddy. She had a bath last night. It was an adventure. She wasnt very cooperative. She will learn to like a bath. We are sure she has been left alone in her crib a lot. She is so cute. I cant wait to hold her. She like Spencer! She is adapting well to Rick and Jen. Below are some photos of our Little China Doll. The first one is of Jen and Malia. The second one is when she officially became Rick and Jens baby. Look at the expression on her face. It was so cute. She wouldnt leave the paper alone so Rick could sign it. We were all laughing. Oh by the way she is a thumb sucker!!!!!

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How precious.