Ni Hoa- Hello from Guangzhou China

Ni Hoa

Hello from Malia in China

She is packed, and I literally mean she is packed herself and ready to go home.

Our guide is teaching us different words in Chinese. I am not retaining many of them ! But is fun to hear the language. China is amazing. It is amazing to see the difference in our cultures. The food they eat is different ! hehehehe.... Spencer and I had fried Octopus for breakfast the other day. They had fried frog legs, but we can get them in the states...

More photos to share.

Leaving Nanchang China
Boarding the plane for Guangzhou China, Malia's first plane ride. Do I look a little frightened? Tis ok Daddy has me.Malia enjoying her plane ride Saying 'Good-bye' to the land of her birth.

This one is for Grandpa. Notice she has chosen Coke !

Rice paddies in Guangzhou China Grocery shopping. No baby food in this store. Can you read Chinese? Rick waiting on everyone to get done grocery shopping. Malia zonked out. She was tired. Spencer and some of his pals.

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