Grannie's Garden

Once upon a time . . .

If you see the magic in a fairy tale, you can face the future. Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us dragons exist, they tell us dragons can be conquered ! 
So it is with mastering nature. We have been patiently waiting for Mom's garden to dry out enough and the rain to subside long enough so we could do the annual planting.  Mom and Dad always had a garden for as long as I can remember. We made sure there was a garden for Dad to watch grow last year. This year the garden is Mother's project of love for her family. Mother is a natural caregiver. She loves to do things for other people. She has been at this since she was very young, cooking, baking and housekeeping from the age of 6, for her Dad and three brothers. This gift flows over into her garden and every aspect of her life. She loves to grow vegetables to give to others. Green beans are one veggie that is in high demand to be included for planting. Mother makes the best green beans ever ! They are a necessity at all family gatherings. This year was no exception to Mom's family garden. She had most of it done when Tom and I got there. Amanda and her kids stopped by and 'helped' too. (well Amanda and Luke helped)! We all are very appreciative of Mother's gift of giving and helping. 
Granny working in her garden  
Planting seeds of faith

Looks like Cindy didn't get it just right

Amanda and Luke helping Grandma

Cassidy and Lauren 'helping' - - holding down the chair?

The seeds and plants are planted and we will patiently watch as they mature.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

How blessed you are to have her. You're a good writer, Cindy.

Cindy said...

Thanks Susan. I am very blessed to still have Mom.

Doreen Baros said...

Thanks for 'friending' me on Facebook. Just thought I'd take a quick peek at your blog. It looks like you have a lovely family. I know I'll stop back another time when I can linger a bit and read some of your stories.

Just wanted to let you know your last photo on this post on the plants sprouting from the ground and the dew glistening off the stems is quite striking. Nice shot! It is beautiful; colors, light quality, sculptural forms of the plants, etc. Thanks for sharing.