Oliver Twist

This year the Visual and Performing Arts Summer Theater presented "Oliver" on June 25 & 26,2010.  The were many young people from 7th grade on up complementing the cast this season. It is astonishing how they learn their lines, actions,songs and placements in just 3 short weeks. This year they were limited by being able to practice on their stage until the last week. Props were completed in just 2 short days by a talented group of adults that are so supportive of the young peoples desire to participate in this play. Efforts by all the adults and youth are so greatly appreciated by the parents, family members and the community. Our very talented grandson had the part of Mr. Bumble. A very different role for him to act from what he is used to. He had to be mean! The make up person made Spencer age for his role. Wow...Spencer, is this what we have to look forward to?
The proud Mom and Dad and of course young sister with Mr. Bumble (Spencer)!


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