Here Comes Peter Cottontail

"Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hoppin' down the bunny trail"

Well, it wasn't exactly Peter Cottontail, but it was a baby Wabbit. I know my neighbors are not going to be happy. The rabbits, just like Peter in the story, love to eat their fresh garden greens. They capture and relocate the rabbits in our neighborhood. But Mother Nature has her own ideas about how things are going to go. The other day I captured a rabbit eating corn from a 'bouncy thingy' (how do you like that for terminology?). I guess it may have been Mrs. Wabbit instead of Mr. Wabbit. Mama must have shown the kits where the corn and bird seed is located. This is the one of few little rabbits we have seen in the 39 years we have lived here. He/She was enjoying the food.
Looks like 'Peter' got what he came after

Good bye little 'Peter' Wabbit, until we meet again - - or the neighbors take you for a ride.