Luke at his first T-ball game.
What fun it is to watch our grandchildren. Luke is in T-ball. His Mom and Dad are so proud of him, as I am sure all the other parents were of their children on the team. They are such small and tiny little people on the ball field (Malia said he was playing in a cornfield-that is another story). We didn't have a single player run the wrong direction. Of course there was the usual small person playing in the dirt, twirling around, and looking at the birds. Luke had a very good first game. He had no injuries, he was able to get on base,  run the bases and touch home plate ! Love watching our grand kids...did I already say that?
Getting ready to bat
A little instruction from the coach
Good follow through ! ! ! Now run to first base !
Move me over to second base -  will ya buddy?
Dad with some knowledgeable instructions?
Hey buddy, who do you think will get the next ball?
I think I've got it !
Luke came with a large crowd of people to support him.
. . . his cousin came to relax and enjoy the game. Way to go Malia

Congratulations Luke on a well played first T-ball game. We look forward to supporting you in what ever you choose to participate in.
Love you
Gma and Gpa

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Congratulations, Luke. And thanks, Cindy for sharing. I love the photos.