Watching Peter Grow

We have a young rabbit living in our back yard. He (I have named him Peter) has been visiting several times a day to eat the "bird" food that has fallen on the ground. At first he was very small, hardly noticeable with all the birds and squirrels around him. I was quite intrigued with the small little tuft of tail he had. It actually looked like a cotton ball attached ! As the days have passed by, Peter is beginning to grow. Much to our disappointment. We like watching the little bunny, and often times the chipmunk that shares the goodies with Peter. There are timew when Mama and Peter enjoy a run in the yard, going at top speed. Tom and I have delighted in watching Peter as he hops and eats around our feeders. Soon Peter will be off to start his own family, if Mr. McGregor (our neighbors) doesn't catch him and transport him to a different area of our county.

Peter - growing up