Metal Man

Who is faster than a speeding bullet?
Who has a body like Iron?

Who goes very fast from here to there?
No it isn't Superman, and it is not Iron Man, and it is not Spiderman.
It is Luke. . . Metal man.
Luke played T-ball this spring on the Braves team. This was his first attempt at playing an organized sport. Of course Kyle (Dad) helped with the coaching, while Mom and the rest of us, occupied the stands cheering him on. He was very excited to be playing a big boy game such as baseball. His sisters are 15 and 14, so he is constantly wanting to be just a tad bigger.
Mom and Dad thinks he has natural ability to be a great sports contender. So does Grandpa, Grandma, Alex, Cassidy, Lauren, Uncle Rick, Aunt Jennifer, Spencer, Malia and Great Grandma Wagoner. Guess that means the little guy really does? ? ? 
Watching our grandkids participate in a variety of challenges is always entertaining as well as gratifying. We love watching them grow. 
Luke took his turn as 'catcher' when the time presented itself. I think he is one handsome catcher!
And now. . .  Metal Man! (with his mom)

Luke as a little little boy loved watching House Hunters on HGTV hosted by Suzanne Whang. We weren't sure why he liked her so much, all we did know was he would stop everything he was doing to watch her speak. When we found out Rick and Jen were adopting from China, we hoped Luke and Malia would have a great relationship. Our wishes came true. They love each other and have such fun. Here they are holding hands and walking together as we were leaving Luke's ballgame.