Fun with Animals

I love to feed the birds, well sorta.
I got my love of nature from my Mom and Dad. Mother taught me about the trees in our area. It was the dreaded 'leaf book' for my kids for science class at school that started my learning experience. Mother is a wealth of knowledge. I am afraid if I don't pick her brain enough, I will miss something. We searched the Wabash area for as many different trees as we could find. What amazed me was how many mom knew just by looking at their leaves. She is so knowledgeable on plants, both the edible and those you better not eat. She passed her expertise down from the lessons she learned as a young girl from her grandmother.
My Dad hated to be confined. He was not a factory worker, someone to stay inside for any length of time, or a person to just sit all the time. He was a busy busy man. He loved to be outdoors. He should have been a farmer. He loved the work involved in farming. One of his favorite things to do was to go to Shipshewana so he could see the Amish hard at work. Dad loved to sit out on their patio and rock in one of the many rocking chairs he made. He liked to feed and watch the birds in his backyard.
How does this all fit into the title of my post? Mom and Dad instilled in their daughters the love of all things living. Mom and Dad have enjoyed the animals in their backyard. Birds, raccoons, deer, rabbits and hoot owls. I claim to feed the birds in our backyard, but in all actuality I am feeding the squirrels and anything else that may approach the area. (Raccoons are welcome as long as they don't destroy anything) In the last week, I have been able to capture photos of strange happenings. I have nicknamed squirrels at our feeders -Wilbur.
Wilbur is enjoying a slice of bread.
Wilbur is on the watch to be sure no other squirrel is going to get a piece of his bread
One morning Mr Wabbit tried his hand at corn on the cob
Charlie the Chipmunk decided he was not going to be left out of the treats
Now who could ask for anything more than the entertainment provided to us by these beautiful animals?

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Lovely post, Cindy. And your photography is great. My grandmother and my mama both knew plants. They could walk through the woods and come back with greens, mushrooms, and berries and make a fabulous feast. I wish they had passed the knowledge on to me.