Lauren Rhea...Happy Birthday

Lauren's birthday was Wednesday January 28th. We had her birthday party Sunday.Yes, the Super Bowl was scheduled to be on, but that was later in the day. She is such a beauty. She has the best little personality and she is very considerate of people. Her middle name is after her wonderfully beautiful Grandma. She was so cute when she was a baby. If she could have, she would have crawled inside Grandma. I love it when they run to give ya a hug. She is a very special young lady. We love you so much Lauren.
Here she is with the dreaded 'green' tongue. We love to listen to her giggle. Please dont ask her to scream. It will make ya deaf!

Amanda and Lauren with her ice cream cake.

Miss Laurney Rhea looking at a birthday card with her image on it?

Luke giving Little Missy some instructions. I am not sure she understands him.

Love sharing time with our family. When it all comes down to the most important thing we have to give our children, it is our time. I am so thankful for my parents, who have shown me just how important family is.

Much love Lauren.
We love you so very much.
Wishing you many many more special birthdays.
Grandma and Grandpa

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a little leprechaun said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!

Thanks for stopping by our blog today! I did not realize you had a blog also!! We sure miss you guys! Loved hearing about the trouble, I mean adventures you guys got into!

Big Hugs!!