There IS a Rat in the House

For some unknown reason, Tom is always insinuating that, there is a Rat in our House eating all the candy up in the cupboard. There will be a little candy left in a bag, and when he gets home it is all gone. This has happened more than once. It happens quite frequently. I have to admit that I 'do not know where the candy has gone'. T'wasn't me. I (with fingers, eyes, legs crossed) swear I don't know where the candy disappears to. Sometimes grand kids are here. Maybe I could insist it was them? Sometimes my sister stops by. Maybe I could insist it was her? It is a mystery to me where all the candy goes to. I do NOT know !!!!!!
This morning Tom had this smirky grin on his face. He stated he had caught the 'Rat' that had been eating all the candy. I was of course perplexed. He caught the Rat? But I was standing in front of him. Oops....I didn't mean to say that. I sauntered into the kitchen to investigate what he was speaking about. Hmmmmm.... there was a Rat there. Caught red handed. Whew. I am glad that problem is over. Now I can relax and enjoy the candy in the cupboard from hence forth without worrying about that Rat.


Anonymous said...

So glad the culprit was "ratted out" ...LOL.
Enjoy your site whenever I remember to see if you've updated.
Love & hugs,

Amongst The Oaks said...

How handy, you can blame all sorts of things on that rat. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like old things, there's lots to see today.
Hugs, Laura

a little leprechaun said...

I'm so glad the 'mystery' was solved!! Now, the rat has a chef hat and mixing spoon - did he make you guys dinner??? It would have been nice since he did eat all your candy...