Haaaaappy Birthday Matmew!

Abby can't say Matthews name correctly. Instead of Matthew, she says Matmew. It has kind of stuck with him so far. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact she is only 2 years old.

We celebrated Matthews 1st birthday Sunday. He was so good. He didn't mind any one holding him. Whew. He sure loves his Mama. There were lots of kids there to entertain him. Of course he was the Center of Attention.

He is progressing along quite well. It was interesting to know that a year ago we didnt know how he would be at this age. But the little one is showing us all that he is going to be just fine.
Matthew age 1 with Amanda

Hey........Where is my cake?
Now that is what I am talking about....Mmmm good cake

Whys everybody always lookin at me?

Back off Babe..........this is MY cake...got it Doll?
Happy Birthday Matmew

We love you very much.

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