Check this out......

Little Missy was busy this morning.

While Grandpa and Daddy worked outside in the pounding rain, and Mommy was at the beauty shop (getting beautiful), she needed to do some work on her stroller. Seems the thing just needs a slight tune up occasionally. First you sit it on its end, and work on the wheels. Gotta make sure they spin.

Next you have to check out all the bells and whistles. Lots of noises to listen to.

Then to finish things off . . . we need a close up shot of the beautiful Little Miss Malia

~Loving a Granddaughter~
Loving a Granddaughter is a treasure and a special blessing
She is like a perfect rosebud in your garden
Sharing a love that is prized and uniquely beautiful
Celebrating a love that will forever blossom.
It is a blessing to love a Granddaughter....


Anonymous said...

Love the poem...and love the granddaughter!
Love & hugs,

Gwendolyn said...

You are very blessed to have all those lovely grandchildren and the "little Missy" is so precious! Yes, it is a privilege to love those little ones! Thanks for your visits - always, Gwen

Anonymous said...

Cindy, love the comments you have been leaving on my blog so I thought I would leave some on yours. :) Looks like you are enjoy this new blessing! She is just too cute! God Bless!

louise said...

My grandparents took many photos of me and my brother growing up. To have these memories to look back on is just great. Your little grand-daughter is very, very sweet. Thank you too for your kind comments on my blog. x

a little leprechaun said...

You have to love a woman that can take care of her own 'ride'!! ;-)

Love the close-up! Absolutely beautiful!! How do you get her to keep the bow in her hair???